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Our Whiskeys

Bassett Town Rye Whiskey
Liberty Pole Rye Craft Whiskey


We honor the proud beginnings of the Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey tradition with this product.  Farmers from the 1790s would have used whiskey as a form of currency and their drink of choice.  Barrel aging did not become popular until a couple decades later. 
Like the farmers of the Whiskey Rebellion, we make the Bassett Town Whiskey in a similar style.  Using a high rye mash bill with a bit of wheat to add just a hint of smoothness, we triple pot-distill this whiskey and throw it in a barrel for a night, or as long as we say 'that it would take a farmer to get to market'.  

Bassett Town was the former name of our town, Washington, PA, during the Whiskey Rebellion. 


Bronze Medal
2017 American Distilling Institute
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