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Join the New Mingo Creek Society

It was the whiskey industry that was selected to be taxed

so that the new government might be able to repay its war debts in 1791. 

But the farmers of Western Pennsylvanians resisted,

calling themselves the Mingo Creek Society

and erecting liberty poles throughout the countryside 

to show their unity.

Some lost their lives, some lost their properties.

Whiskey distillation moved away.

223 years later,

a whiskey-loving community remembers what happened

and forges a new identity.

And the call for whiskey lovers to join

the Inaugural Meeting of the

New Mingo Creek Society

goes out.


Let's erect a real liberty pole as a sign

of our unity for more good whiskey.

Membership has reached capacity for 2017.  Please stop back in 2018 to sign up!

Membership Benefits

- New Mingo Creek Society Key Chain 

- 10% off all Merchandise

- Invitations to exclusive New Product Pre-Release Parties

- Society Member Holiday Gift

- 10% off Dinner with Original Whiskey Rebels at the annual Liberty Pole Raising

- Personalized barrel and notification when the whiskey from that barrel is bottled

- Invitations to exclusive Society Meetings with the distillers

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