Only a few bottles remain of this unique whiskey.  It is bottled at cask strength (114.4 proof).  It consists of a mix of rye grains and heavily smoked peated barley, and it is aged in new, charred oak barrels.  

Cask Strength Peated Rye Whiskey

  • Right from the barrel, giving it an awesome concentration of flavor!


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  • 59% Pennsylvania Rye

    41% Peated and Malted Barley

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Handcrafted Pennsylvania Whiskey, Mashed, Distilled and Bottled in the Historic City of Washington, PA - Home of the Whiskey Rebellion

© 2017 by Mingo Creek Craft Distillers, Purveyor of Liberty Pole Spirits 

68 West Maiden Street | Washington, PA | 724-503-4014