Mesquite Smoked Rye Whiskey available online this Sunday at noon!


There are only about 350 bottles so we are going to limit it to 1 per person.


So what’s interesting about this bottling?

- Rye is a naturally herbal and spicy grain. A few years ago, we were experimenting with different smoked grains, and a good friend suggested trying mesquite with rye. So we played around and settled on a mash bill of 73% Rye and 23% Mesquite Smoked Malted Barley. The sweet smokiness of the mesquite plays really nicely with the herbal rye.

- It’s double pot distilled and barreled at 114 proof

- It sat in some warm parts of our warehouse for 3 years

- It’s bottled unfiltered at barrel proof, 119 proof


Mesquite Smoked Rye Whiskey

  • 73% Pennsylvania Rye

    27% Mesquite Smoked Malt Barley