Pennsylvania has always been known for it's Rye Whiskey.   And we certainly love our bloody butcher corn and the flavors it provides to our standard wheated bourbon.   So one day, a few years back, we decided to combine our two loves to create this High Rye Bourbon.  


By law, a bourbon is required to have at least 51% corn.  Although we always try to go over-and-above, this time we did the bare-minimum... of corn that is.   So with a mash bill of 51% bloody butcher corn, 40% Pennsylvania Rye, and 9% Malted Barley, this Bourbon Whiskey balances the sweetness of a typical bourbon with the herbal-spiciness of rye.   Bottling this at barrel proof, we preserve maximum flavors for you to enjoy. 


As always, this whiskey is pot distilled and non chilled filtered.

Pennsylvania Straight High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

  • 51% Bloody Butcher Corn

    40% Pennsylvania Rye

    9% Malted Barley

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Handcrafted Pennsylvania Whiskey, Mashed, Distilled and Bottled in the Historic City of Washington, PA - Home of the Whiskey Rebellion

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