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History, Warmth, and the Smell of Whiskey

As a true grain-to-glass Pennsylvania whiskey production facility, we operate 7 days a week

Bringing Friends Together

Wednesday through Sunday, we invite all those 21 and over to visit our Meetinghouse, sample and purchase our whiskeys, explore the versatility of whiskey cocktails and small bites, and view the production floor from the overlook.

The Meetinghouse is modeled after an 18th Century Roadhouse with a high-beamed ceiling and the warmth of stone fireplaces and wooden tavern tables. Quite often, the first-time visitor steps into the comfort of a crowded gathering filled with laughter and the sound of clinking glassware. They will be welcomed to sit anywhere near a fireplace by a friendly team member rushing past with a tray of cocktails and a steaming lamb pie.


This is a memorable start to any celebration or team building event before moving on to the larger main event at another location. We do, however, offer other ways to gather with a more in-depth experience of our facility.

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Enjoy our World Class Cocktail Program

June Cocktails

The Elk Fence

LPS Rye, Balsamic Basil Syrup, Peach Ginger Beer 

The Kernel

Bacon Fat-washed LP Corn Whiskey with Sweetened Corn-densed Milk

Whiskey Cola

LP Bourbon, Cherry & Lime Juice, topped with Natrona Bottling's pure cane sugar Cola

Strawberry Gimlet

Our Barrel-rested Gin with Strawberry puree and lime juice

LP Classics

LP Old Fashioned

Bourbon, Corn, or Rye Whiskey, Burnt Sugar Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters


Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, House-made Vermouth, Angostura Bitters.


Rye Whiskey, Burnt Sugar SImple Syrup, Peychaud Bitters, Lemon Twist on an Absinthe-misted glass.

Root Beer Float

Bourbon Cream, A&W Root Beer, Whipped Cream, Cherry


Experience one of the several different tours and experiences that we offer.


Hear the history, see Production and Barrel House, learn how we make whiskey, try each of our products while seated at the Distillers Table on the production floor. Finish in the Bottle Shoppe and receive a complimentary Glen Cairn Glass.

Lasts about 90 minutes.

Must be 21 or over.

Limited to 12 people per tour. 

Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

$25 per person

Barrel House Immersion Tour

After a brief walk through the production facility, enter the only 5-story wooden barrel house in Pennsylvania, filled with the smell of aging whiskey. Learn about barrel characteristics and influence, how they are manufactured, and maturation options. Sample from 3 barrels in the barrelhouse and select your favorite to thief into a bottle. One bottle limit per customer. Return to the bottling area, apply a label to your bottle, and place it on the automatic bottling line for sealing while sipping samples of our other hand-crafted whiskeys.

Lasts about 60 minutes.

Must be 21 or over.

Limited to 8 people per tour. 

Available May through October.

Offered on the first Sunday of each month.

$95 per person

Founder's Room Experience (Up to 8 Guests)

Spend time with one of the members of the Hough Family.   Your group will be met by the family member in the Meetinghouse where you all will receive a complimentary cocktail.

From there, you’ll enjoy a quick walk-through of the production facility and enjoy a tasting of new-make whiskey off the still.


Perhaps you’ll need a sample of our bottled Old Fashioned before crossing over into the barrel house where you’ll talk to the family member about barrel characteristics and their influences on whiskey. You’ll then pause for a group photo.


From there, you’ll relax onto a soft couch in the cozy Founder’s Room to sip our latest single-barrel whiskeys from our exclusive in-house library. Your group will also be able to enjoy small bites and cocktails delivered to the room. Food item selections must be made at the time of reservation, so we’ll email you an exclusive menu of small plates from which to choose.


Food items, cocktails, and bottles purchased apply to the $600 minimum spend. Please note that the Founder’s Room is not handicap-accessible. Everyone on this tour must be 21 or older and enjoy tasting whiskey.

Limited to 8 people.
$150 event fee + $600 minimum spend for the group (18% gratuity added on cocktails and food).
Requires $100 non-refundable deposit that applies to minimum spend.

Available Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday - 4 – 6 pm
Must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance.

Celebration Experience (Up to 20 Guests)

Spend a couple hours celebrating with whiskey-loving friends while mingling on the Observation Deck and in the Founders Room.  This event will include a free whiskey toast, with an option to enjoy a free tour of the production facility and barrel house, ending with a whiskey tasting.   A dedicated Whiskey Liaison and Sherpa will be assigned to the group to discuss everything whiskey, take photos, deliver cocktails, and tend to a spread of small bites.  Food item selections must be made at the time of reservation, so we’ll email you an exclusive menu of small plates from which to choose.

Food items, cocktails, and bottles purchased apply to the $1500 minimum spend.  
Please note that the Observation Deck and Founder’s Room are not handicap-accessible.  For Handicap accessibility – this tour can be held on the production floor near the Cistern.
Everyone on this tour must be 21 or older and enjoy tasting whiskey. 

Limited to 20 people.

$150 Event Fee + $1500 minimum spend for the group (18% gratuity added on cocktails and food). Requires $250 non refundable deposit that applies to minimum spend. 

Available Thursday or Saturday 

6 – 8 p - must be cleaned up by 8:30p 

Must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance

Single Barrel Pick

This event is based on barrel availability. It is booked privately at the distillery. A waiting list is available. The event generally lasts 2-1/2 hours.
Limited to 7 people.

Requires a $200 non-refundable deposit that will ultimately be applied to total bottle purchases. 

Your experience will begin with our distillers, Rob and Kevin Hough. They will take your group on a brief tour of our production floor to show you how whiskey is made at Liberty Pole Spirits, even tasting grain and new-make along the way to assist you in making a choice to your liking.

Next, you will tour the barrelhouse to see where the barrels selected for your sampling were aged. Don’t forget to pose for a photo.

You’ll retire to the comfort of the Founder’s Room where you can take your time sampling from the carefully selected, unique 4 barrels. Take notes and ask questions about each one.

When the perfect barrel is selected, your group will receive a platter of coffee-crusted steak bites and warm cheesy bread to celebrate. The memorable day will finish with the signing of the chosen barrel and more photos. 


Single Barrel Pick

The cost of this experience is based on the number of bottles received from the barrel. All whiskey in the barrel will be released to your group bottled with appropriate labels and must be picked up at the distillery. Please allow 2-3 weeks after the selection for the bottles to be ready.


Barrels average 150 – 200 bottles. Bottle cost is $66 per
bottle.  The barrel that your group chose and signed will be given to the group at the time of bottle pick-up.

Any special label that you may want on the bottle is designed, produced, and applied by your group.


Be one of the first to experience a tour at our new facility!

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