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The whiskey's on this page are typically only available at the distillery. We've made a few of these bottles available for online purchase.

Special Release

Mash Bill

61% Rye  |  13% Red Winter Wheat  |  13% Rye Malt 

13% Malted Barley


Crafted in the style of traditional Monongahela Rye whiskey or "Old Monongahela" that was once the spirit of choice in the US and abroad.  This whiskey, made from a winter rye grown in Pennsylvania, follows "Old Monongahela's" strong tradition of bold spice, citrus and floral notes.  Also important to us as a traditional Pennsylvania Rye whiskey is this whiskey does not contain even a single kernel of corn - there is no mistaking this product for Bourbon.  It is most definitely a bright and spicy Rye.

Tasting Notes

The nose builds aromas of herbs such as rosemary, tarragon and anise along with citrusy lemon.  In the background is browned sugar, and spearmint. The palate is bright and spicy with notes of allspice and apricot. The finish is lingering with hints of freshly baked bread and white pepper. 


As the pour sits, hints of melted caramel evolve on the nose and palate.

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