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Liberty Pole

Family-Owned. Grain to Glass.
Pot-Distilled Whiskey. 

Revitalizing Monongahela Rye Whiskey

Monongahela Rye was once America’s prominent spirit. If you’ve been to Liberty Pole, you know we love Rye. We feel we are ready to fully honor the legacy of Monongahela Rye with the release of our “Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye Whiskey”.

​In true Monongahela Rye style, this is made with a high rye mash bill, sweet mashed, batch distilled, and aged at a low barrel entry proof of 108.   We bottle it at that full barrel entry proof to preserve maximum flavor. 

Boldly Authentic
Pennsylvania Whiskey


Peated Rye




Old Monongahela Full Proof Rye

Peated Bourbon


Wheated Bourbon




Visit the Distillery

Our new distillery campus at 800 Adios Drive, Washington PA is open!  Sign up to receive updates on our new tour schedule. 

About the Houghs

Liberty Pole Spirits is a family owned and operated craft whiskey distillery started by Jim, Ellen, Rob and Kevin Hough in July 2016. The Houghs, longtime residents of Washington County, Pennsylvania got the distilling bug in the early 2000's when Jim bought a 10 gallon still off the interwebs to learn the art of distilling. As Jim was contemplating retirement he began to think about what he could do for a second act.  After visiting numerous craft distilleries and having developed some pretty solid whiskey mash bills, Jim was able to convince Ellen that opening a craft whiskey distillery just might be a fun retirement activity.  Rob and Kevin, both mechanical engineering graduates who were on their own promising career paths, decided they didn't want their parents to have all the fun and joined the family business.  With Rob and Kevin running production, Ellen creating the best craft cocktail and whiskey experience this side of Kentucky, and Jim greeting customers and talking whiskey in the tasting room, Liberty Pole Spirits was born. 

The distillery started as a 300 gallon operation and expanded to a 600 gallon operation in 2019 and moved to a distillery campus in July of 2023 where we were able to triple our production.  

We look forward to meeting you!


From our family to yours,

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