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Smoke n' Honey


2 oz. Bourbon

3/4 oz. Honey Simple Syrup

1/3 oz. Lemon Juice

5 drops Vanilla Extract

For garnish:


Crushed Almonds

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Coat rim of glass with honey, crushed almonds, and sea salt. On top of a wooden block, light oak chips until a small flame is produced. Set glass next to the the oak chips. Blow out flames and quickly cover with glass apothecary cloche.

While the glass is smoking, combine cocktail ingredients and shake over ice. Once the smoke has begun to dissipate, remove the glass dome, pour cocktail into glass and enjoy.

Honey Simple Syrup

One part Honey

One part Water

Combine ingredients, bing to a boil, and stir until honey dissolves. Let cool before using.

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